clinical trials


A month long study was conducted on Formula R3 Daily. We gave out 20 bottles of R3 Daily to men ranging in different ages, weight and physical issues. A large percentage of the men said, they felt the effect of R3 Daily in a matter of 3 to 4 days. Most men said, they felt more alert and energetic. Other men reported, they felt more aroused and better blood flow. By week two or three , we found 90% of the men felt the overall effect of R3 Daily. We received reports that there energy level had increase, better blood flow to the gential area, rise in alertness and their urine stream was fuller. By taking it everyday, they received the maximum absorption rate which they were able maintain and support there overall  health. What is fascinating about R3 Daily, we had two men who were taking high blood pressure medication and reported that when they took R3 Daily, it did not interfere with their medication. They were overjoyed that they found something that could work along with there meds, because they are not able to take Viagra or Cilalis. Depending on their weight, age, physical condition or health issues , they found R3 Daily to be a plus . Although we had one person in the study said , he had an increase in heart rate, majority of the feedback was positive. Although a large percentage of the men in the clinical trial of R3 Daily was positive, we still recommend you consult with your doctor before using any supplement.


Some studies show that saw palmetto is as effective in treating symptoms as finasteride (Proscar) without side effects, such as loss of libido. Other studies suggest that saw palmetto may actually shrink the size of the prostate gland. Due to the short duration (usually less than 3 months) of these studies, it is not possible to say for sure whether saw palmetto is truly effective for preventing complications of BPH. Two well-conducted studies, for example, found that saw palmetto was no better than placebo in relieving the signs and symptoms of BPH. soure: Gerber GS, Kuznetsov D, Johnson BC, Burstein JD. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of saw palmetto in men with lower urinary tract symptoms. Urology. 2001;58(6):960-965. ( University of Maryland Medical Center)



A clinical study with 262 patients complaining of lack of sexual desire and the inability to attain or maintain an erection demonstrated Muira Puama extract to be effective in many cases. Within 2 weeks, at a daily dose of 1 to 1.5 grams of the extract, 62% of patients with loss of libido claimed that the treatment had dynamic effect while 51 percent of patients with “erection failures” felt that muira Puama was of benefit. source: UCLA School of Medicine.



A study in 2009 reported that when volunteers took 900 milligrams (mg) per day of hawthorn extract for two months, it was as effective as low doses of captropril, a popular heart medication, particularly in improving symptoms of congestive heart failure.

Sixty patients were given either 180 mg extract or a placebo every day for three weeks. Those who took hawthorn showed better blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart in their ECGs, and could train for longer periods without attacks than those taking the placebo.