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Ultimate Performance Labs has its orgins in Los Angeles, Ca , but has relocated to Alexandria, VA.  UPL has been in business for over 4 years and we’ve been creating high end quality products for our customers. Dr. Anthony Harris was brought on board at the inception of Ultimate Performance Labs and has been our chief herbalist in creating our high quality formulas. Formula R3, which is our men’s health formula was our first product brought to market and is doing exceptionally well. We at Ultimate Performance Labs are working on other formulas to bring to the marketplace later, everything from multi vitamins to  are new formula for arthritis called FlexAble. Dr. Harris has received his doctorate in herbology nutrition and has been formulating and practicing since 1973l. Dr. Harris is an author of two books on the subject of herbology nutrition and health.
Number: 323-510- RISE
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The origins of Formula R3 has its humble beginnings with former adult entertainer Michael Jenkins aka John E Depth.  After studying under master herbalist Dr. Russell Harrison for two years, Michael decided to create Formula R3 an all natural male enhancement to help improve men’s health and performance.

Dr.Russell is a Master Herbalist and Iridologist  with over 40 years of knowledge and experience providing the world with natural herbs and roots as alternative medicine. He has created numerous products to help improve health in several areas. www.Russellherbals.com

Always an advocate of sex education and sexual health, John E decided to create a sexual health supplement for men out of concern for the side effects many were suffering from pharmaceuticals and fans always asking him about how to improve their performance as well as their health.

With so many inquiries from fans on how to better there sexual experience, Formula R3 was created with the assistance of Dr.Russell. The name R3 means Rise Rock and Restore which is what the product is designed to do for your love life.  

What makes R3 unique is that it is focuses on these three things, Energy, blood flow and drive which are essential in sexual health and performance. Another bonus attribute to R3 is that it supports prostate health. Unlike the pharmaceuticals which target sexual health, they only focus on one area which is blood flow. Products like cialis , viagra which contain the active drug Sildenafil  increases blood flow, but doesn’t increase energy or desire . They neglect the other issues which is as important to sexual health and performance..

This is what separates R3 from the others because we support and enhance these three things which gives you an overall great sexual experience. Remain Ready