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Yes, we make your sex life great again. 

Heck, if Donald Trump gave our product a try, he'd find himself feeling way better. 

You're welcome, Melania.  

So what is Formula R3 all about?

Formula R3 is an innovative all natural male enhancement supplement designed to address a number of sexual issues in men of all ages.

This potent product contains a unique combination of herbs and extracts that are blended into a proprietary formula, guaranteed to Rise, Rock and Restore your sex life.
And I know that sounds like a bunch of fancy talk. But really, we truly care about the experience everyone has with Formula R3. 

Here is how it works:

Formula R3 is designed for synergy, meaning it works with the body just enhancing what the body does naturally. It works with the body unlike a drug that works against the body which is not natural.

natural male enhancement supplements

Customers have reported, that they more energy during there workouts, increase in sexual desire and stamina, felt more alert and their overall sexual experience improved greatly.

I know, you're wondering how long it takes for results to show. 

Think I don't know your thoughts? 

Check this out! 

Formula R3 Daily supplements should be felt in the first few weeks of consumption. However, this depends on the individual's response.

We've had many customers feel it within the first week. The great news is that the proprietary formula is guaranteed to work. For best results follow the directions on the bottle.

And if you're wondering if we guarantee it? We do. 

Formula R3 has a 100% guarantee. If for some reason it doesn't work , we will refund your money after 60 days.

We believe in the overwhelmingly positive response from our loyal patrons. 

And you and I, we'll probably be homies one day. 

So I'll make sure to ship the product discretely to your residence. 

Maintaining your privacy is extremely important to us, so none of your information is shared. All items are shipped discreetly.

And just so you know, 

 It takes a week or two to receive the product domestically, two to three weeks internationally.

Formula R3 Daily is here to help improve your sexual drive. We are here to make sure that your experience is complete. Remain Ready with Formula R3 TODAY.  Prevention over Recovery. 

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John Depth, Founder of Formula R3.
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