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The Power of Ginseng

      The ginseng root is one of the oldest remedies on the planet and man has been taking advantage  of it since he's discovered it. Ginseng stems from one of the 11 species of slow growing perennial plants. Ginseng is found in North America and in...

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Muria Puama the Viagra of the Amazon

   Muria Puama is a plant that grows primarily in Brazil and is known amongst the indigenous people of the Amazon as potency wood. The bark and the root of the plant are used mostly for medicinal purposes. Muria Puama works just like yohimba,  but with no side...

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Are You New to Formula R3? Start Here

Yes, we make your sex life great again.  Heck, if Donald Trump gave our product a try, he'd find himself feeling way better.  You're welcome, Melania.   So what is Formula R3 all about? Formula R3 is an innovative all natural male enhancement supplement designed to address a number of...

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Ingredients Found in Formula R3

Ingredients:  Formula R3 Daily supplements for men's health  Korean Ginseng- increase energy,blood flow and builds testosterone Gingko Biloba- helps with mental focus, blood flow and increases nitric  oxide helping with blood flow to the penis. Hawthorne Berries- supports the heart. Saw palmetto berries- supports the prostate and builds sperm...

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